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Clinical Supervision

What is Clinical Supervision?


Clinical supervision is supervision for professionals who are still in training. When you are getting counselling for anger or mental health issues, your counselor may ask for clinical supervision. This is a benefit to both you and your counselor. In a case like this, clinical supervision can help your counselor reach a diagnosis faster with the assistance of the clinical supervisor.


Clinical Counselling allows the essential YOU beneath all the constructed layers to emerge and shine through a process of exploration, skill acquisition, emotional re-evaluation, and knowledge attainment. This process constructs new beliefs about self, others and life, which in turn, allows new adaptive behaviors.

The therapeutic process begins with you share what brings you in to the change process at this moment in your life, and together we illuminate the contrast between where you find yourself and where you want to be. The themes that emerge from this exploration form the goals of therapy.  Therapy is a change process which offers opportunities for:

  • emotionally corrective experiences as the therapeutic alliance forms,

  • introspection to garner insights,

  • the practice of new skills resulting in new behaviour and increased competence,

  • the acquisition of knowledge to generate empowerment.

If you do have a clinical supervisor, you may be asked if the details of your counseling needs can be shared with the clinical supervisor. This is so that the clinical supervisor can be brought up to date on all of your issues and so that a diagnosis can be reached sooner rather than later. In all cases, your details will remain private; between you and your counselor and the clinical supervisor. Clinical supervision is yet another way to ensure you get the best possible care.

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